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Adobe Photoshop CS5 (2 Day)

Photoshop CS5 will provide instruction on how to create professional-looking images for both print and the Web. In this course, students will identify the components of the Photoshop environment, learn about the differences between raster and vector graphics, and learn how to use Adobe Bridge. Students will explore various methods of selecting image areas and will learn how to modify and manipulate selections. In addition, students will learn how to work with text, layers, and layer effects; how to adjust, retouch, and resize images; and how to prepare images for printing and the Web. On day 2, students will learn how to use color fills, gradients, patterns, and overlays. Students will also create layer masks, grayscale masks, and clipping masks to show or hide various parts of an image. Students will then learn how to create and edit paths and convert type to paths. In addition, students will learn how to apply a variety of creative effects, use the Vanishing Point feature and Smart Filters, create layer comps, and prepare images for use in video productions. Finally, students will learn how to work more efficiently in Photoshop.

Prerequisites: Computer Foundations, Introducing Windows, Word 2007 Levels 1-3, PowerPoint and Publisher skills helpful. Attending students should already own, use, or have access to this software prior to registering for the course. It is intended for graphically-inclined participants and will be paced accordingly.

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